Low-Tech Data at OKFest 2014


I’m excited to be running a workshop in July at the 2014 Open Knowledge Festival!  Gabi Sobliye (from the Tactical Technology Collective) and I will be running a session called “Low-Tech Data: Story-Finding and Storytelling“.  I’m hoping it will be a good chance to connect with other folks thinking about working with small data without technology. Information-driven advocacy doesn’t need to rely on technology.

Here’s the session description:

Looking for creative ways to find and present data stories in low-tech settings? We will share our hands-on, participatory techniques for bringing people together around data to find and tell powerful stories without computers. You’ll walk away with skills and ideas to help the communities you work with!

Working with data can empower or disempower. Algorithms, technical language, unfamiliar processes – these all leave many communities incapable of working with data, or understanding data-driven discussions. Most folks don’t “speak data”.

We’ve developed and tested a set of hands-on activities that introduce finding stories in data to communities. Help us tweak them, give us your insights and experience, and lets all learn from each other!

I hope to see some of you there!

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