Webinar Follow-Up

Thanks to all those who attended – I think the webinar was a success!  We had about 50 people join us, and discussed a lot of great questions.  It went well, except the computer we setup to record it crashed!  So I’m upset that we don’t have a recording. In any case, below is some followup information.


You can click to see the presentation I made on prezi.com, but here it is too:

Please note that this isn’t meant to stand alone as a presentation, but can serve as a handy reference if you want to remind yourself or share the ideas with someone.

Tools & Resources

Here are links to the things I mentioned:

  • Prezi: Present content in a way that more closely models how presenters and audiences understand things
  • BatchGeo: Quickly go from a spreadsheet of addresses to a map, including options to aggregate content by some field of your data
  • ColorBrewer2: Pick color palettes appropriately based on the type of data you are showing (then use those colors in Excel)
  • ColourLovers: Find nice color palettes for your graphic design projects (I use this one all the time!)
  • Many Eyes: Upload your data and create lots of different types of interactive visualizations of it
  • ComicLifeSuperLame: Create comic strips by adding talking bubbles to your photos
  • Handmade Visualizations: Use regular craft tools to bring your data representation back into the real world
  • TagxedoWordle: Create a picture out of a large body of text, where the size of each word is determined by the number of times that word is used in the text (read some more thoughts I have about this)
  • Jing: Make narrated videos of your visualizations, and mark up screenshots with text and arrows
  • Google Fusion Tables: Upload your data in spreadsheet form and visualize it in lots of different ways
  • Visualizing Information for Advocacy: Guide to creating info-graphics to support activism
  • Tools for Online Storytelling: Big list of websites that help you tell your story online with various media


If you attended, please leave a comment with any feedback or ideas.  This was our first webinar, so we’re open to suggestions about the format, content, or anything else.  We’re trying to measure our impact, so I’ll have another post coming soon about our assessment results from this webinar and previous workshops.

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  1. Hi! I really enjoyed the webinar. I think it would be nice to see what other people were saying in that chat box. Or at least what they wanted to share with others.
    Thank you.

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